Dresses, masks and armbinders

Good morning my friends!

A strange day today for the weather.
It started quite hot in the morning and now is raining slightly and starting to be a little cold. Uff, I’m starting to hate this weather.
I had to stop the air conditioning on the office because I was freezing (yes, I’m freezing also if practically sealed in latex. Well today I have not on the shirt, but only the bra with straps, that are visible under the baggy T-shirt in white printed cotton I have on).
My boss looked for some second to the straps, then shook his head and went on to work. Maybe he is thinking I’m totally crazy, or he didn’t recognized the rubber. Who know?

The dress is ready, I already phoned to the shop, so I can pick it up at the lunch pause. Let’s hope the weather will not pouring cats and dogs…
When the time will come, I will have only to remove my bra and put on the dress and the gloves, and I will be ready for the party. The only thing is that I will not have trousers or leggings on, so the latex pantyhose will squeak and do funny noises probably if I move too much under the gown. Mmmm, maybe it’s better if I stop to a shop to buy also a cheap pair of leggings to avoid it.

I searched yesterday the net for other dresses:

and for that strange thing that remained in my head about the crippling gloves my boss spoke some time ago, and also if I didn’t find anything about crippling gloves, I found these extracts from a book I’m now searching:

Many girls were made to wear masks during their figure-training. These were made usually of soft leather, fitted over the whole head as well as the face, lacing down the back and fitting snugly under the chin and around the neck so that it was impossible for the girl to remove it.
There were a variety of masks used in figure-training. Many girls’ schools on the continent required each girl to wear a mask when leaving the school grounds, for any reason. These masks had eye and mouth holes, and were more to preserve the girl’s anonymity in the town rather than to punish them at all. A few schools required the girls to wear masks like these all the time to limit grimaces, exaggerated expressions, and communication by non-verbal means.
Far commoner were the muting masks that had no mouth openings and were used for punishment when a girl had too many complaints. Lady Ardmore was made to wear one of these masks for years, having it removed only when in her room for meals.
Still harsher were blind-mute masks having neither eye nor mouth holes. Some of these had padding at the ears also to deafen the wearer to some degree and these would be put on girls who were truly rebellious. Spending hours blinded, muted, and bound served quite well to subdue the rebels. Some schools had masks of this type made for all the girls and insisted on them sleeping in them so that they could not communicate with each other at night in bed. Generally, these schools also required the girls to sleep bound and also chained down.

Ok, this one is really interesting, I mean, the idea that it was common to go around masked and be ladylike or also to go around muted as a post because you were not polite or a bad girl, well, I think that if it was still in use when I was at school, I could have spent my last 20 years masked and muted, eh, eh, eh…
I have to search if something like this can be bought also now, maybe in fine leather or latex.

This glove was a long one, covering both hands after they were placed palm-to-palm, and lacing snugly up both forearms to the elbows, which were held tightly pressed together. To keep the glove from slipping down, a loop was passed completely around both shoulders and the glove itself came up several inches above the elbows,still laced snugly.
The young lady had a number of these single gloves in different colors ands types of leather and it was quite common for her to be restrained in one or another every day, whether her husband was to be home or not. He had left orders to that effect with her maid.
When the bride came to stay with Lady Ardmore, she brought her own maid along, who had been ordered to fasten her lady’s arms each day in one of the single gloves. The maid interpreted her order, rightly or wrongly, as applying to all day rather than to a few hours, as the bride insisted had been her husband’s intent. Over the bride’s protests, the maid insisted on lacing her mistress’ arms in a single glove each morning, and she refused to undo her arms until bedtime. Thus her arms were rigorously restrained all day long, every day.
On her behalf, Lady Ardmore wrote to her husband, who was with the Honourable Charles in India, and asked him to enquire as to his son’s intentions regarding his young wife. Lord Ardmore replied, in part:
"I have enquired of Chas., as you requested, & must tell you that he did truly mean with Yelinda’s arms restrained for only sufficient duration as to preserve her habit and not lose her tolerance of such confinement. Howsoever, since her maid seems to have established a practise of more protracted restriction already (judging by the date of your letter and today’s true date), it would seem that any remedial order would be further delayed by the time for passage of this missive. Accordingly, Chas. beseeches his beloved wife toward patience against his return. It is his devout wish, she be accustomed to such restraint and even able to sleep with her arms so constrained. He sends her his her his dearest affection and beseeches her prayers for his safe return."
 So the bride was not only made to continue wearing the single glove to bind her arms behind her, but to learn to sleep bound in such a manner. Lady Ardmore said, her heart ached for the poor girl who tossed and turned during the night, being in considerable discomfort. However, she did become able to sleep while her arms were thus bound and, to stay in practice, slept that way every other night.
Lady Ardmore herself wrote:
"I must confess to a great curiosity as to what it must feel like to be bound in a single glove, so that I requested the maid to bind my own arms in a glove Yelinda was not wearing at the time.
I found it a curious sensation and not at all uncomfortable, at the start. My arms were drawn back so extremely that my chest had perforce to remain expanded. I can quite easily see that it must be a healthy measure. I quite soon decided that I would have a similar single glove made for myself, learn to wear it and even to sleep in it as Yelinda was doing in order to surprise my husband when he came home from India. However, after I had worn the glove for an hour, I decided I would have one made for me and learn to wear it during the day but sleeping in it would be too distressful. At the end of two hours, I was most uncomfortable and wanted only to have it off so that my shoulders would no longer feel the considerable discomfort. However, I was not able to take it off myself and of course Yelinda was not able to remove it for her own arms were laced in another just like it. I was forced to wait for another two hours for my release because I had given my maid an errand, she was even then in the village ordering a single glove for me from the local glovemaker. When she left, she had locked the door to my apartment, as she had been ordered to do and none other of the household staff was able to enter and release my arms.
By the time she returned with the news that my own single glove would be ready in a fortnight, I was exceedingly distressed and begged her to release my arms immediately, which of course she did.
Since having my own glove, I have worn it for periods not exceeding two hours, except for one occasion while awaiting the Duchess of Kent who was late. Then I wore the glove for nearly six hours before it was announced that the Duchess would not arrive, and it was nearly seven hours before we could get to our own rooms where my husband would release my arms. That was true agony and I should not enjoy such an experience again.
I must say that I had far greater respect for Yelinda, who wore a single glove for between thirteen and fifteen hours each day and, moreover, wore it during eight or nine hours of sleep on alternate night. I did not wonder, at her exclamations of discomfort.

Ok, now I want a singleglove, this is sure. It seems so good and also if uncomfortable, well, the idea to be in the power of my love it’s something that appeal me a lot.
I saw a good site for it, to be done in leather, as shown on these pictures:

I know, it will be long and I will have it only in a quite far future, but well, it’s a must I think every woman must have.



Alectra said...

Ciao Silvia, the mood of the weather was kind of nice today, must be that i'm quite cheery because of doing good in my test i dunno "giggle"...
Well those ideas are certainly interesting the only downside is that if you are planning to use the armbinders you need someone in who you can trust very deeply, we don't want you learning to type with the nose eh, eh, eh...
Also the mask must be something related to the renaissance in Italy that seemed quite weird to me, in fact i never heard of it...
But that is certainly a good idea to try, wearing a mask like that.
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Only tomorrow and i'm free from the clutches of study...
Lets hope "giggle".

Kinky_Silvia said...

I'm sure that for the exam all it will be ok.
For the mask and armbinder, well, it's something I think it's related to a more intimate and not in front of the PC situation, so don't worry about the possibility for me to type with my nose or answer at the phone using dumb and deaf signs. Not yet, not yet...

Andy.latex said...

Hi honey.
Armbinders? And i thought you were a good girl;).
Naughty naughty.
Love the outfits especially the second one in pink and the one with the fan. Very elegant. However i absolutly adore the long purple dress coat at the end. Beautiful.
You have such naughty tastes.